Waiting is the Worst

It’ll happen any day now. Any day, an Amazon truck will deliver a box containing two proof copies of the Creation anthology. All my past books were published with CreateSpace. Then, Amazon acquired CreateSpace. It’s a mixed blessing. The good is I can make my paperback books cheaper for you. The bad is that it’s a new process with many unknowns. Setup was about as bad as learning CS was for Dar Tania, my first book. 

Now, here I sit… waiting. And, it’s right before Christmas so my kids are already in wait mode. The goal was to have this out Dec 9, 2018; a day that will live in infamy for me. big sigh.

So, I could tell you about the anthology except that you probably read the individual stories already. My favorite was The Healer’s Making. It’s been fascinating to me how much I enjoy writing clerics. I thought it would be paladins, but nope – clerics. Dar Tania is my muse and Ana is my fast favorite.

Soon, Tiamat’s fires will light the skies and dim the sun. The nighttime moon will fade to naught against the crackling light of another entry in Her Story. For, while this anthology is about not-Tiamat, it remains embedded in the world She considers Hers and told through the lens of those who serve Her. 

Light a candle, sit back, and enjoy.  This is the cover; beautiful no? Even the dragons see beauty in this. After all, for a diamond to shine, it needs something to cut the facets or else they are just hard lustrous nodules. 

Ceanne, paladin of Imperius, faces her ultimate fate with her guardian angel at her back.