Eric K. Barnum


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Hi, I began writing high fantasy after a love affair with fantasy that has last pretty much all of my life. I'm a huge fan of Tolkien (of course), Frank Herbert (Dune),  Feist (Pug!), Donaldson, Weeks, and Brin. Nice mix of Fantasy and Sci-fi when I'm not doing IT stuff as an analyst. My 3 awesome daughters consume all my time when not working or writing.

I am lucky to share this work with close friends: my editors and illustrators. Scroll down to meet them.

Tony Reynolds


​I'm a heavy electronics, computer science, and studio audio geek. I love science fiction and fantasy because I get to view the future without having to wait-- Silverberg's Majipoor touched both nerves at once. I love indie fiction like Eric's, M. Pax's, or Jennifer Foehner Wells'. I hang out with my gal, my dog, and my guitar when I'm not working or editing.

Ben Duffy


I'm a longtime friend of Eric Barnum and an even-longer-time fan of fantasy, science fiction, and tabletop RPGs. By day I'm a mild-mannered copy writer, graphic designer, and layout artist, primarily for the medical industry. By night I'm a heroic freelance reader for talented independent authors such as Eric. On weekends I exorcise the demons of encroaching middle age through the power of humbucking pickups and vacuum tube amplification. And in the depths of my secret, skull-shaped mountain lair, I quietly labor on my own debut novel, currently scheduled for completion on or about the day hell freezes over.

Paganus (Darko Tomić)


Darko Slider

Darko is the artist responsible for the cover art of all Forsaken Isles books so far, as well as much of the character and creature concept art.

See more of his work at

Marsha Hairston


I've been an ardent reader of fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction history and science books for most of my life. I love lingering at the intersection of sci-fi/fantasy writing and hard science, where new words and ideas are often born. When not working as a systems and process improvement auditor, I spend my time creating chocolate recipes, sewing, singing and playing piano, and indulging my passion for new adventures with my family.

Mike Smith


Illustrating is my job and my hobby. Designing is my passion. My family is my life. Sleep is my unicorn. I'm a simple guy with simple needs and usually that's enough to get me through life. Just like Guile from Street Fighter - the legend of a man with only 2 moves but at the end of the day, he's a family man.