Ynt’taris the Ice Patriarch, a study in micro-communities

Darko just nailed a sketch of Ynt'taris, one of the 3 dragons ruling Morbatten as the Court of Patriarchs. Ynt'taris is the only eldar dragon known to have lost his consort in the Dragon Wars, which divided the Gates and marked the consistent movement of Time. The site of the ice matriarch's death is known as the Temple of Glass. Ynt'taris plays an interesting role in my writing. He is canny, unknowable, and bitterly vicious. Of all the dragons, he is one of my favorite to write. Unlike Alerius, who craves the love of mortals, Ynt'taris craves vengeance on those who contributed to the loss of his love, or who hurt (might hurt) the mortals he loves. It's a fine distinction and one that plays out whenever Ynt'taris has the spotlight.

Ice dragons, as their name suggests, prefer it very cold. Ynt'taris lives at the peak of Dragon Mountain on the perpetual glacier there, but makes his lair in an unknown location in the Shield Mountains to the north. In the same way that Alerius observed and learned that early and consistent education is key to a mortal's success, Ynt'taris noted that certain actions and attitudes can have generational impacts... both good and bad. From the earliest days of the barbarian tribes, Ynt'taris takes the form a young girl and wanders the land. His belief that a community (no matter how small like a family, or large like an empire) can be judged by how it views children has been played out across millenia. As a young girl, he will help those in need... and blight those that seek to harm him. Dar Tania I shows the story of how Ynt'taris saved Dar Tania's family from starvation. Dar Tania II: Set's Dream shows an interaction with a priest of Pha Rann, Warner Van, and how Ynt'taris completely dismissed the man because he told the young girl to be quiet and leave the adults alone. Predators who would abuse or enslave or belittle a young child are judged and harshly dealt with.

Over the centuries, the story of the young girl with pale blue eyes became a dominant theme throughout the empire of Morbatten. Because Ynt'taris does not hide that this is his preferred human form, it is even known that such girls are not to be messed with. Those who do end up dead, or cursed. This art shows Ynt'taris. Smaller than Alerius, Ynt'taris is equally powerful in some ways to the god emperor. His impact on the people and culture at the community level far exceeds Alerius in his regard for people rather than the Empire.