“You are a dragon, better than a god!”

Special thanks to Eleonora Bekbulatova

Eleonora Bekbulatova granted me permission to use this striking art. A non-conventional take on the colored dragons, it shows Red, Blue, Green, and Black encircling the human figure of Tiamat, the strongest of all dragons. 

YOU ARE A DRAGON, BETTER THAN A GOD! At least, this is what the White Dragon matriarch is said to have cried out as she attacked the All-Father.

Pha Rann had already withdrawn the Nexus of Creation from the world. Time was not yet a smooth flow, and it was murdering all it washed over. The White Dragon refused to sit with the others. You see, Tiamat had already rallied the Colored Dragons to fight to preserve Tehra against the ravages of time. No dragons had yet murdered another. The “Dragon Wars” had been largely philosophical. Fighting had ended before murder, though a few fire breathers had been imprisoned for pressing the boundaries of the truce.

Tiamat stood amidst the matriarchs and watched the All Father say his last farewell her. The Gate of Creation, open in Tehra till this point, had been shrinking daily and could no longer allow the All Father of Dragons to pass through. He reduced his size to the human form of a mighty king in golden armor and white mantles. He bowed to his bride and waved farewell. “I would you come with us,” he whispered. Though quiet, his words trembled the ground and rolled like thunder through the world.

Behind Tiamat, the matriarchs hissed. “I will not become a slave to Pha Rann,” Tiamat answered. It was the same answer though sometimes the word “slave” became “servant” or words meaning the same. “You demean yourself to join Heaven against me.”

“It is not about you. It is the fate of all that is…”

Tiamat snapped back. “Short-sighted fool! The fate of all that is will be determined here, in Tehra! This is where Set will come first. You take Heaven away and with it, you leave all that is prey to Set, to death by cruel Time. Go. I am done. Your time runs short, dear husband.”

The All-Father turned and began walking to the Nexus. The White Matriarch attacked.

…Alaura’s writings skirt the issue, but it is clear from the Great Sage’s writings that Ynt’taris tried to stop the Matriarch. The Whites have always had unclear motivations, and they cherish spite. Alaura wrote that the White Matriarch had argued endlessly for an onslaught against the All Father. For love, or other reasons, Tiamat forbade it. Now, with the All Father leaving, maybe the White attacked in a fit of rage? Alaura could never say. Ynt’taris hinted once at a fascination with anti-heat and a dalliance the All Father had with the White Matriarch, before there were other ice breathers – before Ynt’taris came into being.

There is a prophesy. “When Alaura’s seed bears fruit, then shall a Matriarch ascend and claim the vacant throne. Then, shall beauty rest again on Indignation’s Throne, and the murdered shall rise up, Spear in hand, to strike the murderers down!”